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About IKYP

Technology Infused Print Media & Direct Mail Marketing Solutions for a New Generation!

Surely you’ve heard the name. You probably have even seen some of the products. Now, 26 year PPAI veteran supplier, Trackable Graphics, (UPIC: USAKEY) introduces the IKYP™ brand, a re-designed line up of technology infused print media and direct mail marketing products, for the first time ever, to a new generation of print & promotional products distributors.

Since 2005, the IKYP™ name had been synonymous with innovative, technology driven, print-to-digital and audio marketing solutions that were embraced and used by top companies and brands across the globe. Sold only “direct” to advertising agencies and corporate end user accounts by the former UK based KYP Holdings, PLC, the IKYP™ Brand became well known and admired for uniquely blending physical print-based media with webkey technology, and digital audio elements to educate, empower and engage audiences and consumers with meaningful information, while offering valuable tracking analytics.

IKYP™ products became popular marketing tools for all industries, but they grew to be particularly useful in the pharmaceutical & healthcare sector, where marketing tactics that facilitate physician education, and improve patient compliance and adherence, remain of paramount importance!

In 2007, Trackable Graphics, became the first company to introduce the print-to-web “USB Insert” Paper Webkey to the promotional products industry. In 2013, we acquired the IKYP.COM domain, and subsequently the trademark brand IKYP™. Now, we are now proud to launch and introduce the innovative IKYP Line to print & promotional products distributors everywhere!

IKYP™, re-branded as Instantly Konnect to Your Promotion, is a broad range of highly affordable, technology-infused-print media & direct mail marketing tactics that include webkey, audio, video (Video YouBook™) and custom hybrid combination products thereof. These products grab attention, and give brands results they need in a cluttered digital marketing world.

Innovation is the lifeblood of IKYP™ Line. As a United States Postal Service Approved Vendor, we are dedicated to pioneering technology integrated direct mail engagement solutions and are continuously developing customized applications to meet our clients’ needs.

Contact us to learn more about how our proprietary solutions can be integrated part of your client’s marketing mix. IKYP Line – Technology Infused Print Media & Direct Mail Marketing Solutions for a New Generation!

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