Webkey & Paper Key

Webkey is inexpensive Paper USB web site direction tools, allow to direct to a specific URL! Webkey is a great and exclusive product for your marketing.

Marketing Solution

Technology-in-print media & direct mail marketing tactics that include webkey, audio, video, NFC, and custom hybrid combination products for your marketing.

Video in Print

Video Infused Full Color Brochures, Tablets, Postcards, Patient Kits, Packaging & More! High Resolution LCD SCreens for your marketing.

Idea Book

Technology Infused Print Media Marketing Products to Improve Patient Compliance & Adherence. See our IdeaBooks.

HealthCare | Marketing Solutions

Technology Print Media

Webkey, Audio & Video Technology In Print

Technology Infused Print Media & Direct Mail Marketing Products Has a Familiar Name…IKYP™!

Video in Print

Technology in print for your marketing.

video brochure

Video Brochure

Video Brochure is a perfect video in print product for your marketing campaign. Unlimited Amount of Pre-loaded Video with High Resolution LCD Screens.

video Postcards, video in print

Video Postcards

Video Postcards is a perfect video in print product for your direct mail marketing. Crystal Clear Audio with Volume Controls and Unlimited Amount of Pre-loaded Video.

Video in Print Calendar

Changing the Face of Promotional Calendars

video in print calendar


VideoYouBook and IKYP introduces a new exclusive product. Video Calendar is a full year of dynamic video Branding! 12 pre-loaded videos – A unique, pre-loaded video plays seamlessly with the turn of a page.

Webkeys – Solution for your Marketing


What is Webkey?

Webkeys are versatile and dynamic marketing tools that create an easy link between physical branded marketing products and your website by automatically opening your desired website address (URL) when plugged into a computer.

Webkey is trackable

Webkeys can have a unique serial number which means we can analyze the performance of your campaigns and see information on when, where, how often your Webkeys are being used through our proprietary CORalytics webkey tracking software.