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Webkey Connection

Webkeys are versatile and dynamic marketing tools that create an easy link between physical branded marketing products and your website by automatically opening your desired website address (URL) when plugged into a PC or MAC computer.

Trackable Webkeys

Webkeys can have a unique serial number which means we can analyze the performance of your campaigns and see information on when, where, how often your Webkeys are being used through our proprietary CORalytics webkey tracking software.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Results from over millions of Webkeys sold through IKYP Line show that Webkeys have the ability to increase the response rates of targeted direct mail campaigns to well
over 10% – 20% compared to typical results of 1.2% or less (according to DMA), for standard direct mail.

More About Webkeys

The Webkey has no memory, it simply takes the user directly to your existing online website, landing page or microsite where users can see rich multi-media content like videos, e-commerce site, company information, special offers, promotions and more.


Webkeys – Solution for your Marketing

WebKeys can be incorporated into almost any print media marketing material or promotional packaging and are certified “McAfee Secure” and virus free.

Innovation is the lifeblood of IKYP™ Line. As a United States Postal Service Approved Vendor, we are dedicated to pioneering integrated engagement solutions and are continuously developing customized applications to meet clients’ needs across the globe.

Want to learn more about IKYP and Webkeys?  The possibilities are endless. Contact your preferred print or promotional products distributor to learn how our proprietary solutions can be integrated into your client’s marketing mix.

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