What is IKYP?

What is IKYP?

Technology Infused Print Media & Direct Mail Marketing Solutions for a New Generation!

Every day, marketers & brands face the challenge of reaching the right customers with relevant messages at the right time. It takes a co-ordinated multi channel approach. But sometimes, brands need more, that’s where IKYP™ Line comes in.

IKYP™ is a remarkable line of interactive devices that Instantly Konnect to Your Promotion and digital media online.

IKYP™ takes users to your landing page, microsite, or multi-media, for customer acquisition, product demonstrations, education and training, online sales promotions, contests or give-a-ways, loyalty programs, and other campaigns. Your clients have complete control over the content. Update as often as needed.

IKYP™ products are known for uniquely blending physical print-based media with webkey technology, and digital audio and video elements to educate, empower and engage audiences and consumers with meaningful information, while offering valuable tracking anaylytics with real-time ROI.

Additionally, IKYP™ products are extremely useful in the pharmaceutical & healthcare sector, where Information and Knowledge from Your Pharma improve physician education, and patient compliance and adherrance.

You’ve probably heard the IKYP™ name. Now, veteran PPAI Industry Supplier Trackable Graphics, (UPIC: USAKEY) proudly re-introduces, the IKYP™ brand and dynamic line up of technology infused print media products, for the first time, to a new generation of print and promotional products distributors.

Innovation is the lifeblood of IKYP™ Line. As a United States Postal Service Approved Vendor, we are dedicated to pioneering integrated engagement solutions and are continuously developing customized applications to meet clients’ needs across the globe.

Contact your preferred print or promotional products distributor to learn how our proprietary solutions can be integrated into your client’s marketing mix.

IKYP Line – Technology Infused Print Media & Direct Mail Marketing Solutions for a New Generation!
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